A Little Bit About A Few Things


Jesus is the Savior
of all men, and especially
of those who believe in Him ‐‐ AND,
He has respect, for everyone who fears God,
and who works righteousness, no matter
who they may happen to be (see
1Tim. 4:10, Acts 10:34-35,
and a lot more).

When Jesus walked the earth,
He often healed everyone,
who needed healing.
And, He also did
many other things,
and for many other people,
other than simply for His disciples.

And, since He is alive,
today, and He never changes,
He could do the same ‐‐ that is,
if He would get all the glory.

Jesus is God. 
And, what God has done,
in the past, He can do, again ‐‐
that is, if He wants to.

He wants to.

some of us,
who are more fortunate,
have actually “experienced” this ‐‐
even manifestations of the power of God
(in the name of Jesus, and for His glory,
because the Father wants all glory
to be given to His Son, Jesus).

People have believed, they do believe,
and they always will believe (in the name of Jesus),
because they have heard the Word of God being preached,
and the Holy Spirit (which represents the power of God)
anoints the Word, and faith (in Jesus, and more)
is “born,” among other things (including
the person (who was then
“born again”)).

It should also be recognized, that, throughout
New Testament history, people have believed in Jesus,
because of the manifested power of God, and because of
the many testimonies, about that manifested power.

And, this has NOT changed,

Jesus died, and He was buried, and
He rose from the dead ‐‐ which
means that He is alive.

And, Jesus wants people,
to believe in Him, and to repent,
from their sins, and to have life, and
life more abundantly, and eternal life,
in heaven, and to also be blessed,
right now, on earth.

And, Jesus
is both willing, and able,
to do things for people, today,
exactly like He has done,
in the past.

we want you to know, about
a few of the many things, that He has done,
so that you will be encouraged, to believe in Him,
and in the “written” Word of God, or the Holy Bible
(with the King James Version being the best),
so that you can be blessed,
like we are.

We want you to believe,
and to pray, and to experience
the love of God, and the power of God,
NOW, in the very presence of our enemies.

And, remember, we do have enemies, including
Satan, and his servants (which servants include those
who yield themselves to obey Satan, and which servants
include both spiritual, and human beings, and which
servants do NOT want you, to believe God,
for things, or get them).

We are in a war,
over what people will “believe,”
and then “do,” BECAUSE of what they believe.

we overcome Satan (who propagates unbelief),
by the blood of the Lamb (who is Jesus), and
by the word of our testimony (which is
up to us to provide, as Believers,
or as Christians).

please join us,
in fighting this war, and
in winning it, by sharing testimonies,
about the great things that our God has done,
throughout history, for people like us, in Jesus’ name,
or in the name of the God of Israel, or in the name of the
Almighty, or in the name of the Alpha and Omega, etc.,
through CTN (The Christian Testimony Network).

And, you can start helping, by contacting us.

And, to contact us, please click here.

And, as a Believer, or as a Christian, who has,
or who is in a covenant relationship with Jesus,
and with God, if you have yet to experience
the love of God, or the power of God,
hang around those who have,
and pray, fervently.

Jesus wants to do even “more,”
than He has EVER done,

all we need to do,
to see the love of God, and
the manifested power of God,
is to have “faith” (in God),
and ask, or pray,

God said this (in 2Chron. 7:14, KJV),
which reveals, what He wants to see, in us:

“If my people,
which are called by my name,
shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek
my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and
will forgive their sin, and
will heal their land.”

So, as one of God’s people
(who has been born again, into
the Kingdom of God, and who has
therefore been made acceptable,
to God, by God, for His glory),
please do all the above.

And, please do it, RIGHT NOW!

AND, when God has shown you His power,
please contact us, so that we might
share it, with others.

Now, given that
there are a number of ways, to
share testimonies, at, or through CTN,
please ask us, about how your testimony
might be shared, by contacting us.

And, to contact us, please click here.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord. 



P.S.  If you have yet to be born again,
and enter into a covenant relationship, with Jesus, and
with God, please contact us, and we will help you, to do that, as well as
give you instructions, on how you can live a successful life, in Christ Jesus. 
And, to contact us, please click here.  And, may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us.  Help us, Lord.  Amen.